12 May 2018
Cricket vs St Albans 12/5/18

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Cricket Saturday, 12th May

Haberdashers’ Aske’s v St Albans

1st XISt Albans133 for 5


Match abandoned as a draw

2nd XIHabs164 for 8 (30 overs)(Pindoria 48)

St Albans167 for 4(Parmar 3 for 20)

St Albans won by 6 wickets

3rd XIHabs137 for 4 (25 overs)(Kanakaratnam 43, Kennon 41*)

St Albans 49 for 3

Match abandoned as a draw

U15AHabs 69 (30 overs)(K Patel 36*)

St Albans 70 for 3

St Albans won by 7 wickets

U15BSt Albans169 (30 overs)(Perera 4 for 27, Patel 3 for 47)

Habs170 for 8(Aitken 37)

Habs won by 2 wickets

U15CSt Albans 88 for 5 (15 overs) and 70 for 5 (10 overs)

Habs100 for 5 (15 overs) and 51 for 2

Habs won by 8 wickets

U14AHabs131 for 9 (30 overs)(N Shah 37)

St Albans 19(N Madan 6 for 6, Padki 3 for 5)

Habs won by 112 runs

U14BHabs187 for 8 (25 overs)(Gogna 38, Gooneratne 35)

St Albans160(Hirani 4 for 17)

Habs won by 27 runs

U14CHabs 81 for 8 (15 overs) and 82 for 6 (10 overs)

St Albans 89 for 7 (15 overs) and 75 for 5

St Albans won by 5 wickets

U13AHabs175 for 2 (25 overs)(J Madan 105*)

St Albans 44(Pathak 4 for 8)

Habs won by 131 runs

U13BHabs209 for 2 (25 overs)(De Silva 53, Levenstein 50)

St Albans 87 for 9(De Silva 3 for 3, Thokala 3 for 7)

Habs won by 122 runs

U12ASt Albans 37 (25 overs)

Habs 38 for 3

Habs won by 7 wickets

U12BHabs156 for 1 (15 overs)(Janjale 50, Ahluwalia 50)

St Albans 55

Habs won by 101 runs


With rain expected in the afternoon, it was not surprising that St Albans decided to bat first after winning the toss. Despite the early loss of Josh de Caires (son of former England captain Michael Atherton), bowled by a good delivery from Chinmay Mullapudi, our hosts got off to a flyer, scoring freely at 6 runs per over for the first hour. During this opening period the Habs over rate was painfully slow and the fielding somewhat lethargic, and it took an unfortunate accident to change matters. In trying to take evasive action, one of the umpires slipped and fell, breaking his wrist in the process, and had to be replaced by Habs coach Dan Kerry, who then had the opportunity to impart some much needed ‘advice’ during the subsequent break in play. His words clearly had an effect as Habs sprung to life. Joe Granger captured the 2nd wicket almost immediately and then the dangerous Charlie Scott (46) was caught off the bowling of Saavan Shah, who conceded just 20 runs in an excellent 10 over spell. He received good support from the other spinners, Saihaj Singh and Amaan Lakhani, who also claimed a wicket apiece as St Albans were pegged back. On the stroke of lunch with the score now 133 for 5 after 34 overs, the threatened rain arrived and that, unfortunately, was it. Whilst most of the other games, having restarted before the rain, carried on to a finish, we sat around for a while and then, with exams looming for most of the players, took the sensible decision to abandon the match as a draw.