24 Oct 2017
Day 11

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Tuesday 24th of October - the penultimate day of tour where we played our last game in Sri Lanka. After the complete thrashing at St. Peter's the day before, the boys were hungry to win their last game on tour - some were especially pumped up after winning several rap battles on the previous night.

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain, the pitches at the SSC were waterlogged and hence we were unable to play there. However, we managed to play at the wonderful P.Sara international test venue where we faced the SSC academy. Naresh having lost his 3rd toss on the trot meant that we were put into bowl first. The bowlers bowled exceptionally well with both seam and spin taking wickets at regular intervals, bowling the opposition out for only 107. The batters went out and looked comfortable from ball one, in particular Freddie who was the anchor of our innings and Harry who hit three humongous sixes - one of which went onto the roof of the stadium. After chasing the score down, we were chased by the paparazzi and were all very proud as we were the most successful HABS 1st XI to set foot on Sri Lankan soil.

Following our historic win at the P.Sara stadium, we headed to the hotel. Here, we went for a quick swim and sauna and found it especially hard to get Taif out of there. After a relaxing time in the hotel, we went to the Cricket Café for dinner. Whilst enjoying eating our burgers, we were joined by two international cricketers who shared their pathways to their success. Also, many awards were given on the night including worst hair, worst in an elevator and best Amaan Lakhani impression. The night also included many boys taking selfies with the legend of the trip - Nali. All in all, it was an enjoyable, fun day and a wonderful way to finish such a great tour.

Raunak Khanduja Y11